Françoise Schöneich

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The domain of body image plays a central role in the quality of life of patients with haematological malignancies and metastasized cancer, since the disease itself as well as the enrolled therapies interfere with psychological and bodily well-being. We approached this highly subjective field by using the repertory grid technique and hypothesized that(More)
By analysing Narcissism Inventories [1] gathered by the admission from 639 consecutive in-patients, as well as a related sample of inventories gathered from 397 consecutive patients (7/93-7/96) by admission and discharge, we examined the possibility of reducing the number of items of the Narcissism Inventory without losing significant information. This(More)
Significant dimensions of the self concept and the object relations of 127 depressive patients and 34 orthopaedic patients were investigated with the repertory-grid-technique. Self concept and object relations were compared by means of nomothethically used idiographic results after recovery from manifest depression. The object relations of the depressive(More)
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