Françoise Poitevin

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INTRODUCTION Septic shock remains a major health care problem worldwide. Sepsis-induced immune alterations are thought to play a major role in patients' mortality and susceptibility to nosocomial infections. Programmed death-1 (PD-1) receptor system constitutes a newly described immunoregulatory pathway that negatively controls immune responses. It has(More)
INTRODUCTION Major trauma is characterized by an overwhelming pro-inflammatory response and an accompanying anti-inflammatory response that lead to a state of immunosuppression, as observed after septic shock. Diminished monocyte Human Leukocyte Antigen DR (mHLA-DR) is a reliable marker of monocyte dysfunction and immunosuppression. The main objective of(More)
Robust identification of species and significant evolutionary units (ESUs) is essential to implement appropriate conservation strategies for endangered species. However, definitions of species or ESUs are numerous and sometimes controversial, which might lead to biased conclusions, with serious consequences for the management of endangered species. The(More)
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