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J o u r n a l o f P r o b a b i l i t y Electron. Abstract We consider a model of random walk in Z 2 with (fixed or random) orientation of the horizontal lines (layers) and with non constant iid probability to stay on these lines. We prove the transience of the walk for any fixed orientations under general hypotheses. This contrasts with the model of(More)
Let T be an ergodic automorphism of the d-dimensional torus T d , and f be a continuous function from T d to R. On the probability space T d equipped with the Lebesgue-Haar measure, we prove the weak convergence of the sequential empirical process of the sequence (f • T i) i≥1 under some condition on the modulus of continuity of f. The proofs are based on(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate our data concerning the prognostic factors for locoregional control, survival, late complications, and sphincter conservation in a series of epidermoid cancers of the anal canal without clinical evidence of metastasis. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between June 1972 and January 1997, 305 patients were treated with curative-intent radiotherapy(More)
PURPOSE This cost analysis aimed to quantify the cost of IGRT in relation to IGRT frequency and modality with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) or orthogonal electronic portal imaging with fiducial markers (EPI-FM). MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients undergoing IGRT for localized prostate cancer were randomized into two prostate control frequencies (daily(More)
Let T be an ergodic automorphism of the d-dimensional torus T d. In the spirit of Le Borgne [10], we give conditions on the Fourier coefficients of a function f from T d to R under which the partial sums f • T + f • T 2 + · · ·+ f • T n satisfies a strong invariance principle. Next, reinforcing the condition on the Fourier coefficients in a natural way, we(More)
The motivation of this work is the study of the error term e ε t (x, ω) in the averaging method for differential equations perturbed by a dy-namical system. Results of convergence in distribution for (e ε t (x,·) √ ε)ε>0 have been established in Khas'minskii [Theory Probab. We are interested here in the question of the rate of convergence in distribution of(More)
We consider a Z 2-periodic planar Lorentz process with strictly convex obstacles and finite horizon. This process describes the displacement of a particle moving in the plane with unit speed and with elastic reflection on the obstacles. We call number of self-intersections of this Lorentz process the number Vn of couples of integers (k, ℓ) smaller than n(More)
Anticancer drugs off label used in Tenon hospital were analysed by a panel of 12 experts not working at Tenon hospital. They distinguished 3 groups of off-label prescribing according to scientific evidence, labelling anticancer drugs alternative in presence and patient's characteristics: justified off label used (62%), unjustified off label used (26%) and(More)
We consider the one-sided exit problem for stable Lévy process in random scenery, that is the asymptotic behaviour for T large of the probability P sup t∈[0,T ] ∆t ≤ 1 where ∆t = R Lt(x) dW (x). Here W = {W (x); x ∈ R} is a two-sided standard real Brownian motion and {Lt(x); x ∈ R, t ≥ 0} the local time of a stable Lévy process with index α ∈ (1, 2],(More)
A practice survey was performed in Tenon hospital on 396 consecutive patients treated for solid tumors during 4 weeks in november 2002. 33% of anticancer drugs were off label used. The wording heterogeneity of the different anticancer drugs approved labeling and the lack of anticancer drugs in a number of cancers can explain those results. On one hand,(More)