Françoise Goldenberg

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The mineralized tissue of intertubular dentin is a collagen-mineral composite with considerable local variations of mechanical properties. Area scans of human coronal dentin were made by complementary methods to investigate correlations between local mechanical properties and the density, size, and crystallinity of the mineral particles. Scanning images(More)
A cross-sectional study of insomnia and hypnotic use was performed in a sample of the French population. The quota method was used to select the sample of 1,003 subjects, with less than 3% substitution. Subjects were 15 years old and older and were representative of the French population based on gender, age, marital status and living environment. Subjects(More)
The origins of excessive daytime sleepiness in Parkinson disease (PD) are unclear. The authors hypothesize that orexin neurons, a recently identified wake promoting system, could contribute to its pathophysiology. They measured orexin-A/hypocretin-1 concentration in ventricular CSF in 19 parkinsonian patients and compared it with neurologic controls. Orexin(More)
Nasal obstruction has frequently been mentioned as a possible risk factor in obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS). Over a 2-yr period, 541 unselected consecutive snorers referred for suspected breathing disorders during sleep were included to undergo posterior rhinomanometry. In addition cephalometric landmarks and body mass index (BMI) were obtained.(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy and patient tolerance, compliance, and preference between auto-continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and constant CPAP. DESIGN Single-blinded, crossover, cohort study of consecutive patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, with two treatment periods of 2 months each. PATIENTS Twenty-five patients (22(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess the hemodynamic effects of graded arousals during nonrapid eye movement (NREM) sleep in patients with partial upper airway obstruction during sleep without obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea, overnight beat-to-beat BP was recorded in six patients. SETTING At the end of each nonapneic obstructive event, EEG responses were graded as(More)
We evaluated pulmonary function abnormalities associated with the sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) in 170 habitual snorers without SAS (n = 62, apnea-hypopnea index [AHI] < 10 per hour of sleep), with moderately severe SAS (n = 56, 10 < or = AHI < 30) or with severe SAS (n = 52, AHI > or = 30). The three groups were similar regarding obesity (BMI approximately 30(More)
Modafinil is a central putative alpha-1 postsynaptic agonist with vigilance-promoting properties. Fifty narcoleptics (33 male and 17 female) participated in a multicentric study aimed at assessing the effects of the compound on night sleep, feeling on awakening, excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy. Modafinil was administered in a double-blind(More)
We studied eight heavy snorers with upper airway resistance syndrome to investigate potential effects of sleep on expiratory airway and lung resistance, intrinsic positive end-expiratory pressure, hyperinflation, and elastic inspiratory work of breathing (WOB). Wakefulness and non-rapid-eye-movement sleep with high- and with low-resistance inspiratory(More)
We have assessed the effects of zopiclone (7.5 mg), a new cyclopyrrolone hypnotic drug, on ventilation, sleep parameters, and daytime vigilance in snorers with upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS). Using a randomized double-blind design, eight male patients with UARS took either oral zopiclone or a placebo each evening for seven consecutive days and then(More)