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A number of follow-up studies in child psychiatry are briefly reviewed. It is concluded that differences in method and samples make general conclusions very difficult. The papers published to date rarely suggest any correlation between treatment and long-term outcome. Numerous clinical and psychological variables might intervene but their precise role(More)
A study based on a representative sample of 38 newly-consulting children was carried out by a group of psychologist and sociologists of the Service Médico-Pédagogique Vaudois. It aimed to analyse the processes leading parents to seek consultation, to clarify the expectations of specialists (doctors, teachers and psychologists) during a consultation, and to(More)
To determine the views of parents on the treatment offered by the Medico-Pedagogic Service of Canton of Vaud, the factors associated with accepting treatment and the outcome of child psychiatric cases, contact was re-established with the families of 31 children who have been treated, and 31 children whose parents had refused treatment. The parents(More)
Sixty-seven children whose parents accepted treatment and 52 whose parents refused it were selected from among 796 children consulting an outpatient psychiatric service and who were diagnosed as reactive disorders, developmental difficulties or neurotic illnesses. Comparisons between the two groups indicated that the children and families of each group(More)
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