Françoise Dominé

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PURPOSE To determine the characteristics specific to boys with disordered eating behaviors (DEB) and the general context in which these DEB occur. METHOD Data were drawn from the SMASH02 database, a survey carried out among post-mandatory school students in Switzerland aged 16-20 years in 2002. Only males (N=3890) were included, and were classified into(More)
During the past decades, children migrating for international adoption have increased in number, creating an original condition of dramatic environmental change during development. In several countries, cohorts of these subjects have been shown to experience a global advancement in age at the onset of puberty, and sexual precocity is seen more frequently(More)
Diallyl sulfide (DAS), a major component of garlic oil, is an inhibitor of tumorigenesis by various metabolically activated carcinogens. In rats, pretreatment with DAS has been observed to suppress completely the induction of oesophageal neoplasms by N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine (NMBzA) (Wargovich et al. (1988) Cancer Res., 48, 6872-6875). This communication(More)
Sleeping disorders are frequently encountered in infants and adolescents. They often induce a distress in the family, an individual sadness possibly leaving at time to maltreatment. In the normal infant or the medically fragile infant due to prematurity or an acute episode, complaints from the patient or family sources force the medical team to find an(More)
Pancreatic injury after trauma can occur in the child as an isolated lesion after a minor injury. The consequences can be severe in the absence of prompt diagnosis and treatment. Determination of mechanism of injury, clinical examination, blood amylase levels and abdominal CT-scan are first line steps for the evaluation of the injury. ERCP and MRI can be(More)
The interrelations between pubertal timing and psychosocial maturation are discussed in three perspectives: the consequences of abnormally precocious or delayed puberty on psychosocial functioning; the impact of lower (early) or upper (late) borderline normal timing of puberty on adolescent exploratory behaviors; and the study of variations in age at onset(More)
The transition from pediatric to adult care of chronically ill adolescents Even though the transition from pediatric to adult health care is extremely important for chronically ill adolescents, most of the times it is limited to a simple transfer The objective of this paper is to describe the barriers to a smooth transition from the point of view of the(More)
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