Françoise Dahan

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The present paper is devoted to the study of original trinuclear (CuII, LnIII, CuII) complexes (Ln = La, Ce, Gd). They derive from the polydentate ligands H2Li (i = 1, 3, 4) represented in Figure 1.(More)
The synthesis and characterization of [FeII(trim)2]Cl2 (2), [FeII(trim)2]Br2MeOH (3), and [FeII(trim)2]I2MeOH (4), including the X-ray crystal structure determinations of 2 (50 and 293 K) and 4 (293(More)
A family of spin-crossover (SC) complexes, [Fe(II)H(3)L(Me)]Cl.X (X(-) = PF(6) (-), AsF(6) (-), SbF(6) (-), CF(3)SO(3) (-)), 1-4, has been synthesized, in which H(3)L(Me) denotes the hexadentate N(6)(More)