Françoise Crozier

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Tropical aquatic legumes of the genus Aeschynomene are unique in that they can be stem-nodulated by photosynthetic bradyrhizobia. Moreover, a recent study demonstrated that two Aeschynomene indica symbionts lack canonical nod genes, thereby raising questions about the distribution of such atypical symbioses among rhizobial-legume interactions. Population(More)
We report the case of a 27 years-old man with a left colo-colic intussuception due to a lipoma. CT scan allowed diagnosis of the obstruction, of the intussuception and showed his cause as an intraluminal fatty mass in the left colic angle, typical of lipoma. Resection of the mass was performed and mature fat cells were identified microscopically.
Paraganglioma is a rare tumor arising from indifferentiated cells of the primitive neural crest. These tumors are most commonly found in the adrenal gland but other localisations are possible. We described a 60-year-old men with a right retro-peritoneal mass discovered on ultrasound examination. This tumor had an heterogeneous appearance on i.v. contrast(More)
Lipoblastoma is an uncommon benign soft tissue tumor arising from embryonal mesenchymal cells. It occurs mostly during early childhood with a predilection for the extremities, trunk, head and neck. This tumor tends to spread locally and no metastatic potential has been reported. Complete surgical resection is mandatory to prevent local recurrence. MRI(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose was to analyze magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) abnormalities in reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS) of the foot, with the goal of helping to meet the difficult diagnostic challenges raised by this condition. METHODS Retrospective study of 20 patients with RSDS of the foot, 15 at the warm phase and five at the dystrophic(More)
OBJECTIVE Describe a rare localization of spontaneous cerebrospinal fistula. CASE REPORT A 75-year-old women was admitted for bacterial meningitis arising from a sinus infection. She had not experienced facial or head trauma. The CT-scan revealed pneumocephaly and a defect in the posterior part of the sphenoid sinus. DISCUSSION Spontaneous cerebrospinal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the indications and practical modalities of prostatic ultrasonography in routine radiological practice. METHODS An anonymous questionnaire composed of 18 multiple choice questions was sent to 122 radiologists. RESULTS Among the 76 responses, 90% were men, 90% were in private practice and 94% regularly performed prostatic(More)
Manubrio-sternal joint involvement in arthritis is described and may be evidenced by erosion, reactive sclerosis and ankylosis. Some reports of such involvement appear in the radiological literature in association with psoriatic arthritis and spondylarthropathy. Involvement of the manubrio-sternal joint in Behçet's disease is very uncommon. To our(More)