Françoise Cottrez

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IL-10 is a cytokine secreted by a wide variety of cells type that has pleiotropic stimulatory and suppressive activities on both lymphoid and myeloid cells in vitro. To analyze the consequences of high IL-10 secretion by APCs in immune responses, we produced transgenic mice expressing human IL-10 directed by the MHC class II Ea promoter. Despite alterations(More)
Although RT-PCR has many advantages over RNA blotting methods, it can be difficult to obtain quantitative information, due to the enzymatic nature of the PCR amplification, where small variations in amplification conditions result in drastic changes in product yield. In addition, due to the consumption of the reaction components and generation of(More)
We have generated rat monoclonal antibodies specific for the mouse eotaxin receptor, C-C chemokine receptor 3 (CCR3). Several anti-CCR3 mAbs proved to be useful for in vivo depletion of CCR3-expressing cells and immunofluorescent staining. In vivo CCR3 mAbs of the IgG2b isotype substantially depleted blood eosinophil levels in Nippostrongyus(More)
Resting platelet adhesion to inflammatory vascular endothelium is thought to play a causal role in secondary thrombus formation or microcirculatory disturbance after vessel occlusion. However, though adhesion receptors involved in platelet-matrix interactions have been extensively studied, the molecular mechanisms involved in platelet-endothelium(More)
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