Françoise Cailler

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Short peptide sequences that are able to transport molecules across the cell membrane have been developed as tools for intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules. This work describes a novel family of cell-penetrating peptides named Vectocell peptides [also termed DPVs (Diatos peptide vectors)]. These peptides, originating from human heparin binding(More)
Cancer and dendritic cells recognize and migrate toward chemokines secreted from lymphatics and use this mechanism to invade the lymphatic system, and cancer cells metastasize through it. The lymphatic-secreted chemokine ligand CCL21 has been identified as a key regulatory molecule in the switch to a metastatic phenotype in melanoma and breast cancer cells.(More)
BACKGROUND The sentinel lymph node (SLN) procedure alter the strategy for the treatment of patients with colon cancer. New techniques emerge that may provide the surgeon with a tool for accurate intraoperative detection of the SLNs. METHODS An SLN procedure of the sigmoid was used in six goats. During laparoscopy, the near-infrared dye indocyanine green(More)
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