Françoise Bremer

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The red eye is a frequent symptom in emergency consultation. The general practitioner should be aware about the sample of possible etiologies. The diseases causing redness are various, sometimes benign but sometimes threatening vision. The most frequent diagnostic hypotheses will be summarized here, as well as the practical methodological elements allowing(More)
A serious bacteremia caused by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus var. anitratus could be observed. From the clinical point of view the most important symptoms were shivering, high tempeature up to 41 degrees C and clinical signs of acute hepatitis. There were pathological changes in the EEG. Certain signs of an outlayer damage of the heart could be seem in the(More)
In 102 patients transcutaneous right brachial artery catheterizations were performed. The sequelae of the brachial artery lesion were investigated 22.43 +/- 22.26 months after catheterization, and data obtained by bilateral Doppler ultrasound technique, oscillography, and strain gauge plethysmography were compared. In ten patients minor obstructions of(More)