Françoise Baude

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We propose a parallel and distributed component framework for building Grid applications, adapted to the hierarchical, highly distributed, highly heterogeneous nature of Grids. This framework is based on ProActive, a middleware (programming model and environment) for object oriented parallel, mobile, and distributed computing. We have extended ProActive by(More)
This article presents an extension of the Fractal component model targeted at programming applications to be run on computing grids: the Grid Component Model (GCM). First, to address the problem of deployment of components on the Grid, deployment strategies have been de ned. Then, as Grid applications often result from the composition of a lot of parallel(More)
Grids raise new challenges in the following way: heterogeneity of underlying machines/networks and runtime environments (types and performance characteristics), not a single administrative domain, versatility. So the need to have appropriate programming and runtime solutions in order to write, deploy then execute applications on such heterogeneous(More)
This paper investigates the design and implementation of mobile computations in Java. We discuss various issues encountered while building a Java library that allows active objects to migrate transparently from site to site, while still being able to communicate with each other. Several optimizations are introduced, and a set of benchmarks provides valuable(More)
This article presents an evolution of classical SPMD programming for clusters and grids. It is named "object-oriented SPMD" as it is based on remote method invocation. More precisely, it is based on an active object pattern, extended as a typed group of active objects, to which SPMD's specificities are added. The proposed programming model is more flexible:(More)
This paper introduces a Grid software architecture offering fault tolerance, dynamic and aggressive load balancing and two complementary parallel programming paradigms. Experiments with financial applications on a real multi-site Grid assess this solution. This architecture has been designed to run industrial and financial applications, that are frequently(More)
Within the trend of object-based distributed programming, we present a non-intrusive graphical environment for remote monitoring and steering, IC2D : Interactive Control and Debugging of Distribution. Applications developped using the 100% Java ProActive PDC (Parallel, Distributed and Concurrent) computing library are monitored for ‘free’ by IC2D. As those(More)
This article presents an object-oriented mechanism to achieve group communication in large scale grids. Group communication is a crucial feature for high-performance and grid computing. While previous work on collective communications imposed the use of dedicated interfaces, we propose a scheme where one can initiate group communications using the standard(More)