François de Corbière

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Online social networks have been adopted by a large part of the population, and have become in few years essential communication means and a source of information for journalists. Nevertheless, these networks have some drawbacks that make people reluctant to use them, such as the impossibility to claim for ownership of data and to avoid commercial analysis(More)
In concordance with the emergence of technologies that allow more flexible interconnections, we propose to divide Interorganizational Information Systems (IOSs) adoption into two decision processes: electronic data exchange adoption and technological choices. These are sequentially and (in extreme cases) simultaneously related, albeit distinct, since an(More)
Electronic exchanges of information between Businesses have continued to grow. The question of data quality has always been understood to be an important area of research; but after 40 years, there is still a lack of research dealing with the quality of data exchanged between organizations. Even if the literature recognizes that Interorganizational(More)
Electronic exchanges of information between Businesses have continued to grow over recent decades. Though the emergence of new technologies, firms are facing new opportunities to build Interorganizational Information Systems (IOSs) to organize electronic data exchanges to update their own information systems. In this paper, we focus on flows from suppliers(More)