François de Charles Ouédraogo

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The dynamics of water content in the superficial layers of soils is critical in the modelling of land-surface processes. In arid regions, vapour flux contributes significantly to the global water mass balance. To account for it in theoretical descriptions, most of the models proposed in the literature rely on the local equilibrium assumption that constrains(More)
BACKGROUND We aim to determine the vaccination coverage of social and healthcare workers in International sites of Samusocial, providing emergency care to homeless people, and to assess factors associated with having received necessary doses at adulthood. METHODS Data on immunization coverage of social and healthcare workers were provided by a(More)
This study deals with experimental methods dedicated to the determination of the liquid chemical potential in heterogeneous media. Various measurement techniques are proposed including a new mechanical method based on the expansion of the air-vapor atmosphere surrounding a sample. From the large range of materials under investigation (soil, wood, gel,(More)
Improved access to water is a key factor in reducing diarrhoeal diseases, a leading cause of death among children in sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of water access, sub-Saharan African cities are some of the worst off in the world, with 20% of populations supplied by an unimproved water source. This situation is even worse in informal settlement areas. Using(More)
The unsaturated soil hydraulic properties (the soil water characteristic and relative permeability curves) are key hydrodynamic parameters in the fields of soil science and civil engineering. Because of the strong dependency of these properties on water content, their determination is subject to considerable experimental and numerical problems. Difficulties(More)
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