François-Xavier Roux

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Interictal hypometabolism is commonly found in mesio-temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE), but its pathophysiology remains incompletely understood. We hypothesized that metabolic changes reflect the preferential networks involved by ictal discharges. We analysed the topography of interictal hypometabolism according to electro-clinical patterns in 50 patients with(More)
Some domain decomposition methods consist in solving an interface problem by the mean of the conjugate gradient method. The condensed operator is obtained by the computation of local independent problems in each substructure. This leads to computational errors that entail the conjugate gradient algorithm to converge slowly. The number of iterations can be(More)
We report about parallel implementation on LCAP1 system and on CRAY2 supercomputer of a parallel algorithm based on a domain decomposition method with LaGrange multiplier, for solving an ill conditioned three dimensional composite structural analysis problem, with as many as one million degrees of freedom. We show that this method has very good features on(More)
Spinal epidural hematomas (SEHs) are rare complications following spine surgery, especially for single level lumbar discectomies. The appropriate surgical management for such cases remains to be investigated. We report a case of an extensive spinal epidural hematoma from T11-L5 following a L3-L4 discectomy. The patient underwent a single level L4. A(More)
Patch substructuring methods are non-overlapping domain decomposition methods like classical substructuring methods, but they use information from geometric patches reaching into neighboring subdomains, condensated on the interfaces, to enhance the performance of the method, while keeping it non-overlapping. These methods are very convenient to use in(More)