François-Xavier Hubert

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Four cationic peptides were purified from mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) hemocytes. A combination of Edman degradation and mass spectrometry of plasma revealed (i) a previously characterized molecule, mytilin B (Charlet, M., Chernysh, S., Philippe, H., Hetrut, C., Hoffmann, J., and Bulet, P. (1996) J. Biol. Chem. 271, 21808-21813) and (ii) three new(More)
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) are a subset of DCs whose major function relies on their capacity to produce large amount of type I IFN upon stimulation via TLR 7 and 9. This function is evolutionary conserved and place pDC in critical position in the innate immune response to virus. Here we show that rat pDC constitutively express TNF-related(More)
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