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Shakspeare and the future of theory
Shakespeare and the Future of Theory convenes internationally renowned Shakespeare scholars, and scholars of the Early Modern period, and presents, discusses, and evaluates the most recent researchExpand
Thinking through Shakespeare: An Introduction to Shakespeare and Theory
“Shakespeare and Theory”—where to begin? “[T]here is no period so remote as the recent past”, Irwin declares in Alan Bennett’s play, The History Boys. Let’s start there. Why not return to the LondonExpand
Opening the Sacred Body or the Profaned Host in The Merchant of Venice
This text was conceived and begun in the Orient, the Middle East (American University of Beirut) and was completed in the Occident (University of Central Florida). Between the beginning of an end,Expand
Milton and Islam: Bridging Cultures
John Milton’s works remain the central pillar of late-Renaissance English studies, and scholarship on Milton has importantly enriched our understanding of the political and religious currents ofExpand
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Deleuze and the grandeur of Palestine: Song of Earth and Resistance
The article re-examines the Deleuzian concept of cartography and opens on the question of that race a fortiori minor called to philosophy and the constitution of an earth. Who are these people? WhoExpand
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Minoring Shakespeare: Deleuze’s Storm – Caliban or the last of the Palestinians
ABSTRACT There will be no more thinking with Shakespeare, only transposition of his corpus into a minor mode. Transposition and no more thinking ever: but transposition from Major to Minor, for ‘whenExpand