François-Xavier Féron

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We determined velocity discrimination thresholds and Weber fractions for sounds revolving around the listener at very high velocities. Sounds used were a broadband white noise and two harmonic sounds with fundamental frequencies of 330 Hz and 1760 Hz. Experiment 1 used velocities ranging between 288°/s and 720°/s in an acoustically treated room and(More)
Three experiments are reported, which investigated the auditory velocity thresholds beyond which listeners are no longer able to perceptually resolve a smooth circular trajectory. These thresholds were measured for band-limited noises, white noise, and harmonic sounds (HS), and in different acoustical environments. Experiments 1 and 2 were conducted in an(More)
We report two experiments investigating rotating sounds presented on a circular array of 12 speakers. Velocity thresholds were measured for three different types of stimuli (broadband noises, white noise, harmonic sounds). In the first experiment, we gradually increased or decreased the velocity and asked participants to indicate the point at which they(More)
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