François Vuille

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The use of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) in the authors' hospital was studied for various antidepressants (maprotoline, clomipramine, imipramine, desipramine, nortriptyline, amitriptyline) in a two part-study (retrospective and prospective). Criteria for appropriate requests for TDM from the resident psychiatrists and for appropriate interpretation of(More)
Switzerland like many countries plans to undertake an energy transition and the government proposes different paths for 2035 and 2050 to achieve it. However the authors of this paper felt the need for a better information of the public on the energy matters. A special web-based information platform was introduced in 2015. The platform includes a calculator,(More)
F. Vuille,2 D. O'Donoghue, D. A. H. Buckley, C.-M. Massacand,3 J. E. Solheim, S. Bard, G. Vauclair, O. Giovannini,§ S. O. Kepler, A. Kanaan, J. L. Provencal, M. A. Wood, J. C. Clemens, S. J. Kleinman,¶ M. S. O'Brien, R. E. Nather, D. E. Winget, A. Nitta, E. W. Klumpe, M. H. Montgomery, T. K. Watson, P. A. Bradley, D. J. Sullivan, K. Wu, T. M. K. Marar, S.(More)
Using an exergy based indicator is highly desirable to compare future national energy strategies. A new webbased information platform called, informing the general public on the Swiss energy transition was presented at ECOS2016. This paper presents a new extension of the approach that we plan to call, clearly stating exergy and(More)
Microalgae have a significant potential to be a sustainable source of fuel and thus are of interest in the transition to a sustainable energy system, in particular for resource-dependent countries such as Switzerland. Independence of fossil fuels, considerable reduction of CO(2) emissions, and abandoning nuclear energy may be possible with an integrated(More)
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