François Villeneuve

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Recently, design researchers have been interested in observation-analysis approach to study design activities. This is how the annotation and annotation tools have been introduced into the design research. This paper describes the annotation process as an approach in design activity studies and proposes a sequential structure for the annotation process. The(More)
This paper explores the design collaboration between designers and expert users in the specific case of new surgical instrument design. To this end, two design evaluation meetings were studied. Decision and interaction analysis methods were applied to compare the effectiveness of the design team on discussing and solving design issues with and without(More)
showing the pre-industrial conifer-dominated matrix, along with a recent cutover area surrounding the detailed study site (white square). Figure 1.9. Frequency distribution of innermost tree ring according to species (a-e) and growth releases (f) summed over the entire studied surface (15 plots; 0.6 Figure 3.2. Paysages de Rimouski, Metis et Matane:(More)
Making a product conform to the functional requirements indicated by the customer suppose to be able to manage the manufacturing process chosen to realise the parts. A simulation step is generally performed to verify that the expected generated deviations fit with these requirements. It is then necessary to assess the actual deviations of the process in(More)
In previous works, the authors have developed the Model of Manufactured Part (MMP) [1], a method for modeling the different geometrical deviation impacts on the part produced (error stack-up) in a multi-stage machining process. They also proposed different solution techniques to identify the worst case for the purpose of tolerance analysis. The first(More)
Today, collaboration is no more limited to the designers' sphere. Especially the design of products or systems dedicated to expert users requires the active participation of the users themselves. The aim of this paper is to explore the design collaboration process between designers and expert users in the specific case of new surgical instruments. Two(More)
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