François Verstraeten

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Congenital dysphasia is a developmental speech disorder not explained by deafness, phonation disorder, mental retardation, neurologic lesion, or psychiatric disease. The existence of brain lesions has often been postulated but conventional investigations fail to demonstrate any cerebral abnormality. By means of [99mTc]hexamethyl-propyleneamine oxime(More)
Tungsten removal from industrial wastewater by precipitation, coagulation and flocculation processes using ferric chloride is reported. Suitable process conditions (pH, ferric chloride concentration) were established in jar tests performed with wastewater samples. Alkaline wastewater was treated with ferric chloride and pH was adjusted to various points(More)
Under mechanical stress, the hexaarylbiimidazole (HABI) motif can cleave to triphenylimidazolyl radicals when incorporated into a polymer matrix. The mechanically produced coloured radicals can initiate secondary radical reactions yielding polymer networks. Thus, the HABI mechanophore combines optical reporting of bond scission and reinforcement of polymers(More)
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