François Taillard

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Recently, it has been shown that FCGR3A-158 gene polymorphism is associated with biological and possibly clinical response to infliximab in Crohn's disease. We further assessed this association in a subset of 344 patients from the large and well-defined cohort of 573 patients with Crohn's disease from the ACCENT I study. No association could be observed(More)
Hypomelanosis of Ito (incontinentia pigmenti achromians), a sacrococcygeal complex dysembryoma, seizures, severe cerebral lesions, mental retardation, chorioretinal atrophy, hemihypotrophy of the body, and skeletal anomalies are reported in a female infant of North African origin. Karyotype analysis revealed mosaicism for a microdeletion of the proximal(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of infliximab in ulcerative colitis (UC) and indeterminate colitis has been poorly assessed and preliminary results are conflicting. METHODS The records of 30 patients treated with infliximab for ulcerative colitis (n=19) or indeterminate colitis (n=11) were reviewed. Infliximab was given because of steroid resistance (n=18),(More)
We previously showed that chronic angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition prevented the increase in aortic collagen in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs) independently of blood pressure reduction. The aim of the present study was to determine whether the effects of ACE inhibition on aortic fibrosis were due to inhibition of angiotensin II(More)
The authors have had the opportunity to see two cases of CNS side effects of Ifosfamide-Mesna association in children. Data in the medical literature about this subject remains poor. Only a few observations are available. In the referred cases, CNS side effects (lethargy, apathy and mutism) appeared a few hours after the second day of treatment and were(More)
We have studied the pharmacokinetics of perindoprilat, the active metabolite of perindopril, in 7 hypertensive patients undergoing haemodialysis after short-term and long-term (1 month) perindopril. We also measured angiotensin-converting enzyme activity. Each subject took 2 mg of perindopril after a 4-hour haemodialysis. Serial blood samples were obtained(More)
Thirty-six hypertensive patients with impaired renal function entered a long-term study to assess the safety of perindopril. There were 28 men and 8 women of mean age 57.1 +/- 2.0 years (mean +/- SEM). The duration of documented hypertension was 7.3 +/- 1.2 years. Perindopril was given orally in single daily doses. The initial dosage was chosen according to(More)
The serum concentration of parathormone is usually normal in hypophosphatasia, a rare disease with a defect of bone mineralisation and low serum alkaline phosphatase activity. Nevertheless there are three cases in the literature presenting a hyperparathyroidism with or without hypercalcemia. No anomaly of parathyroid was found at autopsy. The authors(More)