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The effect of month-long naltrexone (NTX) treatment at a daily oral dose of 0.5 mg/kg/day was contrasted with placebo (PLC) in a double-blind study with conjoint clinical and biochemical evaluations of therapeutic effects. Modest clinical benefits were achieved with both PLC and NTX, with marginally better overall results following NTX, and degree of(More)
BACKGROUND Whole blood serotonin (5-HT) and C-terminally directed beta-endorphin protein immunoreactivity (C-ter-beta-EP-ir) are known to be elevated in autistic subjects and might be possible markers of genetic liability to autism. This study thus investigates the familial aggregation of 5-HT and of C-ter-beta-EP-ir levels in first degree relatives of(More)
The serotonin metabolism was extensively studied in 22 couples of autistic children and age- and sex-matched controls. Histamine, calcium, and uric acid were also measured in urine and whole blood or plasma. Autistics and controls did not differ in histamine, and only minor changes were noticed in calcium content. According to previous reports, serotonin(More)
The bulk of experimental evidence indicates that the APUD series of cells is a distinct system based upon common pathophysiological features. The diffuse nature of this system with elements in the central and peripheral nervous system suggests a more complex interaction of the body's homeostasis than has been established. It is probable that as(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS In the gastric mucosa of Helicobacter pylori-infected subjects, we previously detected N alpha-methyl histamine (N alpha-MeHA), a minor catabolite of histamine and a potent agonist of histamine H3 receptors. The origin of N alpha-MeHA and its effects on gastric histamine and somatostatin in infected subjects were investigated. METHODS Ten(More)
A radioimmunological method for measuring saliva cortisol was worked out. It includes one extraction and one radiocompetitive reaction with an anticortisol 3-CMO:BSA immunoserum. Frequent values for saliva cortisol were determined in various physiological and pathological conditions and compared to plasma cortisol values. In adult men, the mean(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated whether there is excessive opioid activity in infantile autism by measuring plasma beta-endorphin in patients with autism compared with patients who had Rett's syndrome and normal comparison subjects. METHODS Radioimmunoassays for beta-endorphin using C-terminally and N-terminally directed antisera were applied to plasma(More)
We report the effects of sublingual absorption of a single dose (0.5 mg) of oestradiol-17 beta (E2) in 8 post-menopausal women, on plasma E2 and oestrone (E1), urine elimination of total E2 + E1 and on plasma FSH and LH. The results show that sublingual absorption of E2 occurs and that plasma concentrations of E2 obtained (between 133.2 to 320 pmol/l) in(More)
The particularities of percutaneous absorption of a natural androgen, 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone, were evaluated in substitutive androgen therapy in masculine hypogonadism. Nine men presenting idiopathic haemochromatosis complicated by severe hypogonadism were treated with percutaneous administration of 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (125 mg/day) for 5(More)