François Soulat

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During the Eddy Experiment, two synchronous GPS receivers were flown at 1 km altitude to collect L1 signals and their reflections from the sea surface for assessment of altimetric precision and accuracy. Wind speed (U10) was around 10 m/s, and SWH up to 2 m. A geophysical parametric waveform model was used for retracking and estimation of the lapse between(More)
We report results from the Eddy Experiment, where a synchronous GPS receiver pair was flown on an aircraft to collect sampled L1 signals and their reflections from the sea surface to investigate the altimetric accuracy of GNSS-R. During the experiment, surface wind speed (U10) was of the order of 10 m/s, and significant wave heights of up to 2 m, as(More)
Abstract Several experimental results show that it is possible to extract useful phase information from reflected GPS signals over the oceans. In this work we begin the development of the theoretical background to account for these results and fully understand the phenomena involved. This information will then be used to define and carry out new experiments(More)
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