François Sorrentino

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OBJECTIVE Novel root-end filling materials are composed of tricalcium silicate (TCS) and radiopacifier as opposed to the traditional mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) which is made up of clinker derived from Portland cement and bismuth oxide. The aim of this research was to characterize and investigate the hydration of a tricalcium silicate-based proprietary(More)
BioAggregate™ is a novel material introduced for use as a root-end filling material. It is tricalcium silicate-based, free of aluminium and uses tantalum oxide as radiopacifier. BioAggregate contains additives to enhance the material performance. The purpose of this research was to characterize the un-hydrated and hydrated forms of BioAggregate using a(More)
All implants, bone and endodontic cements need to be sufficiently radiopaque to be able to be distinguished from neighbouring anatomical structures post-operatively. For this purpose, radiopacifying materials are added to the cements to render them sufficiently radiopaque. Bismuth oxide has been quite a popular choice of radiopacifier in endodontic(More)
G-Pisa is an experiment which is investigating the possibility to operate a laser-gyro with area less than 1 m2 and high sensitivity in order to improve the performances of the mirrors suspension of the gravitational wave antenna Virgo. The experimental set-up consists of a 4 mirrors square cavity, the mechanical drawing allows us to scale the area from 2(More)
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