François Rohmer

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Chalcone 4 (compound 1) is a small molecule that neutralizes the CXC chemokine CXCL12 and prevents it from acting on the CXCR4 and CXCR7 receptors. To overcome its poor solubility in aqueous buffers, we designed highly soluble analogues of compound 1, phosphate, l-seryl, and sulfate, all inactive by themselves on CXCL12 but when cleaved in vivo into 1,(More)
The chemokine CXCL12 and the receptor CXCR4 play pivotal roles in normal vascular and neuronal development, in inflammatory responses, and in infectious diseases and cancer. For instance, CXCL12 has been shown to mediate human immunodeficiency virus-induced neurotoxicity, proliferative retinopathy and chronic inflammation, whereas its receptor CXCR4 is(More)
A straightforward method for the synthesis of original 4,4-dialkoxy- or 4,4-diaryloxy-diaza-s-indacenes (BODIPY) derivatives obtained by treatment of BODIPY 1 with various alcohols in the presence of AlCl3 is described. The novel compounds are characterized by spectroscopic properties similar to those of the parent BODIPY 1, absorption and emission spectra(More)
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