François Rogier

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We present an iterative, non-overlapping domain decomposition method for solving the convection–diffusion equation. A reformulation of the problem leads to an equivalent problem, where the unknowns are on the boundary of the subdomains [F. Nataf, F. Rogier, E. de Sturler, in: A. Sequeira (Ed.), Navier–Stokes Equations on Related Nonlinear Analysis, Plenum(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose and analyze a simplified model for plasma generation in air flows at atmospheric pressure. The starting point is a model previously proposed by Lowke [21], enriched with a loss term which schematically takes into account the drag of the metastable and ionized species by the flow. An asymptotic analysis of this model(More)
This paper deals with the numerical modeling of plasma flow interactions at atmospheric pressure and their application to aerodynamic. A twodimensional air plasma modeling including complex air kinetic and flow motion is proposed to describe the plasma creation. The net force exerted by the plasma on the flow is introduced in a Navier–Stokes solver to(More)