François Rhéaume

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ABDER REZAK BENASKEUR FRANÇOIS RHÉAUME STÉPHANE PARADIS This paper addresses the joint problem of target engageabil-ity assessment and engageability improvement in naval Anti-Air Warfare operations. An integrated approach that aims to minimize the detect-to-engage sequence is proposed. It uses an estimation of the search-to-lock-on time of the fire control(More)
In military command & control applications, the information quality requirements are very context-dependent and seldom predefined. This leaves much room for adaptation. In this paper, the duration of the search & lock-on operations of the fire control radar is estimated and used as an adaptation trigger. The proposed estimation process aims at(More)
Several classifiers for forward looking infra-red imagery are designed and implemented, and their relative performance is bench-marked on 2545 images belonging to 8 different ship classes, from which 11 attributes are extracted. These are a Bayes classifier, a Dempster–Shafer classifier ensemble in which specialized classifiers are optimized to return a(More)
The paper addresses the problem of target-tracking in tactical military surveillance operations. More specifically, a closed-loop approach to adapt the sensing and tracking operations is proposed and compared to the conventional open-loop and static approach. The objective is to control and maintain, over a certain volume of interest and by way of(More)
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