François Prunet

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This article presents a Verification and Validation approach which is used here in order to complete the classical tool box the industrial user may utilize in Enterprise Modeling and Integration domain. This approach, which has been defined independently from any application domain is based on several formal concepts and tools presented in this paper. These(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose and apply a verification and validation approach to Enterprise Modeling that enables the user to improve the relevance and correctness, the suitability and coherence of a model by using properties specification and formal proof of properties. 1. Enterprise Modeling versus enterprise model verification: problematic A model(More)
An efficient Binary Search-based approach used to determine the sets of human resources allowing one to reach, for an enterprise process, a given performance level is presented. It is based on an enterprise process performance methodology integrating human skill influence. In a first step, this approach is compared with algorithms such as Hybrid(More)
The aim of this paper is a working-out of an open authoring framework for an automated documentation process binded with an object manufacturing-specific engineering framework. Using standards close together to support product documentation as part of the life-cycle of manufactured products is becoming an actual and urgent topic for industry. Indeed, this(More)
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