François Prévot

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Experimental data and simulations were used to investigate the seasonal coupling between carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycles in marine sediments from a eutrophic shallow lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea area. A negative seasonal correlation was observed between oxygen consumption and coupled nitrification–denitrification rates in surface sediments. Elevated(More)
The interactions between liquid targets and plasmas provided by a d.c. point-to-plane corona device operated under p = 1 atm. are considered in terms of both Bronsted and Lewis acid-base reactions. The treatments of aqueous solutions by the chargeless species of air or NH3 plasmas increase the Bronsted acidity of the target, and for an air plasma, the pH(More)
Constrained DET (Diffusive Equilibration in Thin films) probes equipped with 75 sampling layers of agarose gel (DGT Research(©)) were used to sample bottom and pore waters in marine sediment with a 2 mm vertical resolution. After retrieval, each piece of hydrogel, corresponding to 25 μL, was introduced into 1 mL of colorimetric reagent (CR) solution(More)
In order to evaluate the concentration of a hydrophilic drug, phenobarbitone, in a suspension of poly-epsilon-caprolactone nanocapsules, a gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric procedure, performed after methylation of the drug, was developed and validated. Free phenobarbitone (in solution in the liquid phase), released phenobarbitone (after opening the(More)
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