François Portier

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BACKGROUND Endosonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are promising methods for evaluating perineal and anorectal fistulas or abscesses. The aim of this study was to compare the results of anal endosonography (AES), MRI and surgical exploration in the assessment of anorectal fistula or abscess complicating Crohn's disease. METHODS Twenty-two(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS The diagnosis of anorectal dynamic disorders and perineal insufficiency has been mainly based up to now on the use of defecography. Here, we performed a prospective blinded study to evaluate the accuracy of a new procedure, dynamic anorectal endosonography (DAE), by comparing it with defecography. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of(More)
PURPOSE To report clinical experience with retrievable Günther Tulip filters from implantation to retrieval and their status in nonretrieved situations. METHODS Seventy-five Günther Tulip filter implantations were performed in 71 patients (43 women; mean age 55 years). Indications for filter placement were pulmonary embolism (PE) or iliofemoral deep vein(More)
A cross-sectional study involving 143 farrow-to-finish herds was carried out to identify herd-level noninfectious factors associated with pneumonia and pleuritis in slaughter pigs. Data related to herd characteristics, biosecurity, management and housing conditions were collected by questionnaire during a farm visit. Climatic conditions were measured over(More)
We report the case of a 27 years-old man with a left colo-colic intussuception due to a lipoma. CT scan allowed diagnosis of the obstruction, of the intussuception and showed his cause as an intraluminal fatty mass in the left colic angle, typical of lipoma. Resection of the mass was performed and mature fat cells were identified microscopically.
Pelvic trauma includes a great variety of very polymorphous lesions, differing from each other by their anatomical aspect, their context and therapeutic implication: In order to be efficient, the radiologist first has to know diagnostic value of each radiological technique, in order to suggest the investigation strategy appropriate to any clinical(More)