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Automated colour grading using colour distribution transfer
An original method for grading the colours between different images or shots is proposed using an original and parameter free algorithm that is able to transform any N-dimensional probability density function into another one. Expand
N-dimensional probability density function transfer and its application to color transfer
An original method to estimate a continuous transformation that maps one N-dimensional distribution to another, iterative, non-linear, and is shown to converge is proposed. Expand
The linear Monge-Kantorovitch linear colour mapping for example-based colour transfer
A novel transformation, which is derived from the Monge-Kantorovitch theory of mass transportation, is proposed, which favourably compares theoretically and experimentally with other techniques for various images and under various colour spaces. Expand
A Non-parametric Framework for Document Bleed-through Removal
A new framework for non-blind document bleed-through removal is presented, which includes image preprocessing to remove local intensity variations, pixel region classification based on a segmentation of the joint recto-verso intensity histogram and connected component analysis on the subsequent image labelling. Expand
A New Robust Technique for Stabilizing Brightness Fluctuations in Image Sequences
The overall system presented here is able to deal with much more severe distortion than previously was the case, and in addition can operate at 7 fps on a 1.6GHz PC with broadcast standard definition images. Expand
A Video Database for the Development of Stereo-3D Post-Production Algorithms
One such artefact caused by uneven exposure in the stereo views, causing saturation in the over-exposed view is described and an algorithm is proposed that replaces the saturated data by interpolating data from the unsaturated view in the wavelet domain. Expand
Off-line multiple object tracking using candidate selection and the Viterbi algorithm
This paper shows that, although basic and very simple, this candidate selection allows the solution of many tracking problems in different real-world applications and offers a good alternative to particle filter methods for off-line applications. Expand
Advanced video debanding
A solution for removing banding artefacts using image filtering and dithering techniques is presented and a new banding index (BI) metric is presented for quantitatively measuring the amount of banding in an image. Expand
Thermo-mechanical analysis of ceramic encapsulated phase-change-material (PCM) particles
Thermal energy storage (TES) is of growing importance, and involves the storage of both sensible and latent heat. Latent heat storage is particularly attractive, since it can store the energy as theExpand
Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation
An implementation using the GPU as a coprocessor for the CPU that allows, for the first time, real time video stabilisation in software on broadcast standard definition television images. Expand