François Perrault

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Lexicat Grammars are a class of unification grammars which share a fixed rule component, for which there exists a simple left-recursion elimination transformation. The parsing and generation programs ale seen as two dual non-left-recursive versions of the original grammar, and are implemented through a standard top-down Prolog interpreter. Formal criteria(More)
We argue that the concept of translation analysis provides a suitable foundation for a new generation of translation support tools. We show that pre-existing translations ca n be analyzed into a structured translatio n memory and describe our TransSearch bilingual concordancing system, which allows translators to harness such a memory. We claim that(More)
Most current state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) systems, when presented with real-life texts, have problems recognizing each and every word present in the input. Depending on the application, the consequences can be severe. For example, in a machine translation system the quality of the processing may suffer and sometimes further processing(More)
TransSearch is a system for building and exploiting a translation memory, i.e. a textual database consisting of pairs of documents that are mutual translations. Each such pair of documents, when inserted into the database, is submitted to an alignment process, which makes explicit the relations that exist between the sentences of the two texts. A user may(More)
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