François Paysant

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In this study we compared retrospectively the autopsy and the CT-scan findings in 47 gunshot victims (96 wounds) in order to assess the accuracy of the two methods in injury and ballistic diagnoses. Firing distance was determined in 46 wounds (47.9%). Firing range was determined by autopsy alone in 37 cases (80.5%) and by CT-scan alone in three cases(More)
A reliable radioimmunoassay for plasma and urine 6 beta-hydroxycortisol after chromatography on Sephadex LH 20 column has been described and evaluated. The antiserum used was raised in the rabbit injected with 6 beta-hydroxycortisol-3(O-carboxymethyl)oxime-bovine serum albumin. In control subjects, urine 6 beta-hydroxycortisol levels ranged from 137 to 348(More)
A 39-year-old man committed suicide by ingestion of aluminum phosphide, a potent mole pesticide, which was available at the victim's workplace. The judicial authority ordered an autopsy, which ruled out any other cause of death. The victim was discovered 10 days after the ingestion of the pesticide. When aluminum phosphide comes into contact with humidity,(More)
Traumatic internal carotid artery dissection may result from a direct blow to anterolateral aspect of the neck, or an extreme extension and rotation of the neck. Traumas involved are variable ranging from high speed motor vehicle accident to trivial traumas. The most frequent presentations of carotid artery dissection are stroke, Hörner syndrome, and(More)
The development of non-lethal weapons started in the 1960s. In France, they have been used by the police for about 10 years. We relate the cases of three French women, victims of stinger grenades, non-lethal weapons recently adopted by the French law enforcement to distract and disperse crowds. The three victims presented serious injuries requiring(More)
The analysis of hair to detect drugs and drugs of abuse is performed in various contexts, including child protection cases, abstinence control programs, and workplace drug testing. This alternative matrix offers several advantages, such as a large detection window (months) and non-invasive collection. Segmental analysis of multiple hair strands for drugs(More)
Cardiac metastases are rare events encountered in pathological practice but with often dramatic fatal outcome. Among malignancies associated with cardiac involvement, we would like to draw the attention of clinicians about lingual squamous cell carcinoma by reporting a sudden cardiac death in a 57-year-old woman without prior symptom and considered in(More)