François Pailler

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Plant roots provide mechanical cohesion (c r ) to soil on slopes which are prone to shallow landslides. c r varies in heterogeneous natural forests due to the spatial, inter- and intra-annual dynamics of root demography. Characterizing root initiation density and mortality, as well as how root growth is influenced by abiotic and biotic factors is essential(More)
Pith diameter is a good parameter to solve dating architecture problems. Plant architecture can be used to study plant development retrospectively thanks to time-dependent morphological markers, particularly those corresponding to the winter break in temperate regions. The Aleppo Pine and the Turkish Pine are polycyclic species, thus they usually develop(More)
The chronology of periods of organogenesis and elongation is highlighted in Pinus halepensis.The two first growth units of an annual shoot are preformed inside the bud during the previous year. The following growth units are formed during the spring or summer of the current year. Analysis of annual shoot length growth phenology is crucial to assess the(More)
Online networks of eating-­‐disorder websites: why censoring pro-­‐ana might be a bad idea", BLOCKIN groups and communities known as proana (anorexia nervosa) and pro-­‐mia (bulimia). Contributors to ana and mia websites are persons living with eating disorders who often display a proactive stance and critically abide by medical advice. In media narratives,(More)
The milking ability of Lacaune ewes was characterised by derived traits of milk flow patterns, in an INRA experimental farm, from a divergent selection experiment in order to estimate the correlated effects of selection for protein and fat yields. The analysis of selected divergent line effects (involving 34 616 data and 1204 ewes) indicated an indirect(More)
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