François Madore

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BACKGROUND The Canadian Study of Prediction of Death, Dialysis and Interim Cardiovascular Events (CanPREDDICT) is a large, prospective, pan-Canadian, cohort study designed to improve our understanding of determinants of renal and cardiovascular (CV) disease progression in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The primary objective is to clarify the(More)
BACKGROUND Recent trends in parathyroidectomy rates are not known. Our objective was to investigate the trend in parathyroidectomy rates between 2001 and 2010, and to evaluate if the availability and reimbursement of cinacalcet modified that trend. METHODS Using a provincial administrative database, we included all adult patients receiving chronic(More)
Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) do not always receive care consistent with guidelines, in part due to complexities in CKD management, lack of randomized trial data to inform care, and a failure to disseminate best practice. At a 2007 conference of key Canadian stakeholders in kidney disease, attendees noted that the impact of Canadian Society of(More)
The initiation of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) in acute kidney injury (AKI) with severe hypernatremia is challenging since sodium concentrations in commercial replacement fluid (RF) and dialysate solutions are usually fixed at 140 mEq/L. We present a case of AKI with severe hypernatremia successfully treated with CRRT using commercial RF(More)
BACKGROUND Predicting the clinical trajectories of chronic kidney disease (CKD) to discern personalized care remains a complex challenge in nephrology. Understanding the appropriate risk thresholds and time frame associated with predicting risks of key outcomes (kidney failure, cardiovascular (CV) events, and death) is critical in facilitating(More)
Knowledge generation through randomized controlled trials (RCTs) is critical to advance the medical evidence base, inform decision-making, and improve care and outcomes. Unfortunately, nephrology has typically lagged behind other medical specialties in this regard. The establishment of formal clinical trial networks can facilitate the successful conduct of(More)
Anticoagulation is required during continuous renal replacement therapy to prevent filter clotting and optimize filter performance. However, anticoagulation may also be associated with serious bleeding complications. Patients with liver failure often suffer from underlying coagulopathy and are especially prone to anticoagulation complications. The aim of(More)
BACKGROUND Uraemia is associated with endothelial dysfunction, but the effect of uraemic plasma on the gene expression pattern of human coronary arterial endothelial cells (HCAEC) has never been defined. METHODS HCAECs were exposed for 48 h to a culture medium supplemented with 20% uraemic vs normal plasma. We extracted mRNA and hybridized it onto(More)
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