François Maccari

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BACKGROUND Psoriasis is associated with higher prevalences of cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities in adults but the relationship of age at onset and those prevalences is unknown. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the childhood onset of psoriasis (COP) is correlated with the frequency of cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities in adulthood. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Immune restoration syndrome was first described in 1998 and involved mycobacterium avium complex. We report the case of a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome who had disseminated cutaneous lesions due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, following initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy. CASE REPORT A 42 year-old HIV-infected(More)
BACKGROUND Since 1990 our group has been using extracorporeal circulation to ozonate blood by an original method, known as extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO), with the aim of amplifying the results observed with ozone autohemotherapy. OBJECTIVE To verify the hypothesis that EBOO improves the skin lesions typical of peripheral artery(More)
BACKGROUND We describe a case of cat-scratch disease ingnaugurated by vascular purpura and discuss the role of the causal agent, Bartonella henselae. CASE REPORT A 49-year-old woman presented vascular purpura without fever. Skin biopsy demonstrated leukocytoclasic vasculitis. She owned a cat and a had a scratch scar on the back of her left hand. A few(More)
We report a case of lobomycosis presenting like a cutaneous tumoral lesion in a patient living in Guyana. The causative agent is Loboa loboi. The illness is seldom observed in metropolitan France. The epidemiology, the clinical features, the course and the treatment are studied. The diagnosis is histological, with the morphological features of yeast-like(More)
BACKGROUND The development of vitiligo during treatment with biological agents is an unusual event and only a few isolated cases have been reported. OBJECTIVES To describe the clinical characteristics and evolution of patients developing new-onset vitiligo following initiation of a biological agent for chronic inflammatory disease; and also to report the(More)
INTRODUCTION Several studies have shown a high prevalence of cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities in psoriasis. Our study aimed to evaluate the association of psoriasis with key comorbidities such as smoking, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and diabetes comparatively with French national data. MATERIAL AND METHODS This multicentre(More)
BACKGROUND Age of the patients and age of onset of psoriasis may have an impact on the disease. There is little information about psoriasis in elderly patients. OBJECTIVE We evaluated epidemiological, clinical aspects, comorbidities and treatments of psoriasis in the elderly (>70 years) patients, and in patients with very late onset psoriasis (onset ≥ 70(More)
Psoriasis has major physical, psychological, and social impacts: its management should not be restricted by individual financial considerations in Western countries as these have well-structured health systems and social/insurance coverage. We investigated if the socioeconomic characteristics of patients were associated with severity of psoriasis and access(More)