François Loeser

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We introduce spaces of exponential constructible functions in the motivic setting for which we construct direct image functors in the absolute and relative settings. This allows us to define a motivic Fourier transformation for which we get various inversion statements. We also define spaces of motivic Schwartz-Bruhat functions on which motivic Fourier(More)
We develop a theory of motivic integration for smooth rigid varieties. As an application we obtain a motivic analogue for rigid varieties of Serre's invariant for p-adic varieties. Our construction provides new geometric birational invariants of degener-ations of algebraic varieties. For degenerations of Calabi-Yau varieties, our results take a stronger(More)
We prove that a (globally) subanalytic function f : X ⊂ Q n p → Q p which is locally Lipschitz continuous with some constant C is piecewise (globally on each piece) Lipschitz continuous with possibly some other constant, where the pieces can be taken to be subanalytic. We also prove the analogous result for a subanalytic family of functions f y : X y ⊂ Q n(More)
The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects brings together authors from a variety of specialties to present fascinating problems and solutions in recreational mathematics. Game Theory in Action is an undergraduate textbook about using game theory across a range of real-life scenarios. From traffic accidents to the sex lives of lizards, Stephen(More)