François Loeser

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Borexino, a real-time device for low energy neutrino spectroscopy is nearing completion of construction in the underground laboratories at Gran Sasso, Italy (LNGS). The experiment’s goal is the direct measurement of the flux of Be solar neutrinos of all flavors via neutrino-electron scattering in an ultra-pure scintillation liquid. Seeded by a series of(More)
We develop a theory of motivic integration for smooth rigid varieties. As an application we obtain a motivic analogue for rigid varieties of Serre’s invariant for p-adic varieties. Our construction provides new geometric birational invariants of degenerations of algebraic varieties. For degenerations of Calabi-Yau varieties, our results take a stronger form.
Let V be a quasi-projective algebraic variety over a nonarchimedean valued field. We introduce topological methods into the model theory of valued fields, define an analogue V̂ of the Berkovich analytification V an of V , and deduce several new results on Berkovich spaces from it. In particular we show that V an retracts to a finite simplicial complex and(More)