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This paper presents a symbolic algorithm for computing the ODE systems which describe the evolution of the moments associated to a chemical reaction system, considered from a stochastic point of view. The algorithm, which is formulated in the Weyl algebra, seems more efficient than the corresponding method, based on partial derivatives. In particular, an(More)
In this paper, we give three theoretical and practical contributions for solving polynomial ODE or PDE systems. The first one is practical: an algorithm which improves the purely algebraic part of Rosenfeld—Gröbner (the polynomial ODE or PDE systems simplifier which is the core of the Maple 5.5 diffalg package). It is a variant of lextriangular(More)
We introduce the concept of comprehensive triangular decomposition (CTD) for a parametric polynomial system F with coefficients in a field. In broad words, this is a finite partition of the the parameter space into regions, so that within each region the " geometry " (number of irreducible components together with their dimensions and degrees) of the(More)
We present an algorithm RealRootIsolate for isolating the real roots of a system of multivariate polynomials given by a zerodimensional squarefree regular chain. The output of the algorithm is guaranteed in the sense that all real roots are obtained and are described by boxes of arbitrary precision. Real roots are encoded with a hybrid representation,(More)
In this paper, we apply a rigorous quasi-steady state approximation method on a family of models describing a gene regulated by a polymer of its own protein. We study the absence of oscillations for this family of models and prove that Poincaré-Andronov-Hopf bifurcations arise if and only if the number of polymerizations is greater than 8. A result(More)