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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the ability of the glycolytic enzyme alpha-enolase (ENO1) or its immunodominant peptide (pEP1) to reduce the severity of CIA in DBA/1 mice when injected in a prophylactic way. METHODS Mice were treated with mouse ENO1 or pEP1 one day prior to collagen II immunization. Clinical assessment was evaluated using 4 parameters (global and(More)
Ultrasonography showed an infiltrative lesion within the pronator quadratus, with limited mass effect (Fig. 1) without calcification or hyperhemia. Its signal intensity (SI) was low on T1 and protondensity, fat-suppressed weighted images (PD-FS-WI), suggestive of fibrous tissue. MRI showed different SI lines inside on PD-FS-WI and T1-FS-WI after gadolinium(More)
PURPOSE MDM2 and CDK4 are frequently co-amplified in well-differentiated/dedifferentiated liposarcoma (WDLPS/DDLPS). We aimed to determine whether combined MDM2/CDK4 targeting is associated with higher antitumour activity than a single agent in preclinical models of DDLPS. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN DDLPS cells were exposed to RG7388 (MDM2 antagonist) and(More)
We report the case of a 59-year-old female with progressive bilateral painful swelling of the thighs. MRI revealed multiple intramuscular necrotic masses with similar morphologic patterns. Whole-body CT and 18-FDG PET-CT scans demonstrated additional hypermetabolic muscular masses and a lobulated lesion within the left atrial cavity. As biopsy of a muscular(More)
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