François Le Fèvre

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Escherichia coli exhibits a wide range of lifestyles encompassing commensalism and various pathogenic behaviors which its highly dynamic genome contributes to develop. How environmental and host factors shape the genetic structure of E. coli strains remains, however, largely unknown. Following a previous study of E. coli genomic diversity, we investigated(More)
We have constructed a collection of single-gene deletion mutants for all dispensable genes of the soil bacterium Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1. A total of 2594 deletion mutants were obtained, whereas 499 (16%) were not, and are therefore candidate essential genes for life on minimal medium. This essentiality data set is 88% consistent with the Escherichia coli(More)
Continuous updating of the genome sequence of Bacillus subtilis, the model of the Firmicutes, is a basic requirement needed by the biology community. In this work new genomic objects have been included (toxin/antitoxin genes and small RNA genes) and the metabolic network has been entirely updated. The curated view of the validated metabolic pathways present(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of impairment and disability in stroke patients with a severe cortical infarction at admission as well as six months after the stroke. DESIGN Prospective and descriptive study. SETTING Rehabilitation Centre Heliomare, Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. METHODS Between 1 January 1987 en 31 May 1992 stroke patients were admitted to the(More)
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