François Jouve

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This paper proposes a few steps to escape structured extensive representations for objects, in the context of evolutionary Topological Optimum Design (TOD) problems: early results have demonstrated the potential power of Evolutionary methods to find numerical solutions to yet unsolved TOD problems, but those approaches were limited because the complexity of(More)
We present a numerical implementation of the Francfort-Marigo model of damage evolution in brittle materials. This quasi-static model is based, at each time step, on the minimization of a total energy which is the sum of an elastic energy and a Griffith-type dissipated energy. Such a minimization is carried over all geometric mixtures of the two, healthy(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a new regularized optimal control formulation for recovering an extended inclusion from boundary measurements. Our approach provides an optimal representation of the shape of the inclusion. It guarantees local Lipschitz stability for the reconstruction problem. Some numerical experiments are performed to demonstrate the(More)
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