François Jacob

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Between 1957 and 1959, Arthur Pardee, François Jacob, and Jacques Monod [5] conducted a set of experiments at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, that was later called the PaJaMa Experiments, a moniker derived from the researchers' last names. In these experiments, they described how genes [6] of a species of single-celled bacteria, called Escherichia(More)
François Jacob, in his brilliant 'The possible and the actual' (Jacob 1982), reminds us that 'scientific investigation begins by inventing a possible world, or a small piece of a possible world'. One may add that the space allowed for the possible is likely to be in strong positive correlation with the level of our ignorance. What chance, then, when(More) SCIENCE VOL 332 13 MAY 2011 757 COVER Composite confocal image of an adult planarian (Schmidtea mediterranea) showing a growing colony of dividing cells (red) that initiated from a single, pluripotent stem cell called a clonogenic neoblast (cNeoblast). The ~1-millimeter-long animal is visualized with differential interference contrast(More)