François Horn

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This paper describes a minimal and modular Object Request Broker (ORB) framework from which it is possible to build highly flexible ORBs supporting the introduction of arbitrary binding mechanisms between interacting objects. We show that such a framework consists essentially of extending the Java notion of object reference to make it distributed. Jonathan(More)
Middleware has emerged as an important architectural component in supporting distributed applications. With the expanding role of middleware, however, a number of problems are emerging. Most significantly, it is becoming difficult for a single solution to meet the requirements of a range of application domains. Hence, the paper argues that the next(More)
We recently derived a GnRH-responsive pituitary cell line of the gonadotrope lineage (alpha T3-1) by targeted oncogenesis in transgenic mice. Here, we report studies characterizing the GnRH receptors present in these cells and the intracellular responses to GnRH treatment. The receptors in alpha T3-1 cells show specificity for different GnRH analogs, with(More)
There is currently considerable interest in developing multimedia applications in open distributed systems. However, it is now becoming clear that existing architectures for open distributed systems do not support the particular requirements of continuous media types such as digital audio and video. This is particularly the case in the important areas of(More)
This work describes an on-going project at CNAM-CEDRIC. Its goal is to evaluate the ability of the Real-Time Java technology for process control applications with soft real-time constraints. We are designing a lightweight embedded remote monitoring computer prototype able to support Web based Man Machine Interface and production data exchanges between power(More)