François Haas

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The effects of rhythmic input on breath period (TT) under constant metabolic drive were assessed in 10 musically trained and 10 untrained subjects. They tapped to a metronome and then to four musical segments, each for 5 min. Ten of these subjects (5 from each group) also listened to the selections without tapping. TT, beat period (TB), and phase coupling(More)
We assessed the effects of naloxone, an opioid antagonist, on exercise capacity in 13 men and 5 women (mean age = 30.1 yr, range = 21-35 yr) during a 25 W/min incremental cycle ergometer test to exhaustion on different days during familiarization trial and then after 30 mg (iv bolus) of naloxone or placebo (Pl) in a double-blind, crossover design. Minute(More)
Ventilatory responses to inspiratory elastic and resistive loads of 67 men were analyzed. During the 1st, 5th, and 10th consecutively loaded breaths 1) individual responses ranged from a rapid-shallow to a slow-deep breathing pattern; 2) strong tidal volume (VT) defenders employed longer inspirations than did weak VT defenders; and 3) individual frequency(More)
First-breath ventilatory responses to graded inspiratory elastic and resistive loads were obtained from 80 women unfamiliar with respiratory experimentation. For each load 1) responses from different subjects ranged from a weak tidal volume defense coupled with an increased breathing frequency to a strong tidal volume defense coupled with a decreased(More)
The ability of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) to predict exercise capacity was investigated by using linear regression analysis to quantify the relationships between: (1) maximum oxygen consumption during treadmill exercise and PFT parameters; and (2) total external work performed during treadmill exercise and PFT parameters. In a group containing 11(More)
Due to methodological difficulties related to the small size, variable distribution of hippocampal arteries, and the location of the hippocampus in the proximity of middle cranial fossa, little is known about hippocampal blood flow (HBF). We have tested the utility of a pulsed arterial spin labeling sequence based on multi-shot true fast imaging in steady(More)
First-breath ventilatory responses to graded elastic (delta E) and resistive (delta R) loads from 10 people with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), 15 people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and 80 able-bodied people were compared. The SMA and DMD groups produced equal tidal volume, respiratory frequency, inspiratory duration (TI), expiratory duration,(More)
1. Introduction The last decade has been characterised by dramatic changes on financial markets: the development of electronic trading on foreign exchange markets or the introduction of the euro, for example, have had a significant impact on euro money, bond and equity markets. These changes have also been fostered by technical and financial innovations.(More)
This paper provides a summary of the key policies that encourage dedollarization. It focuses on cases in which the authorities' intention is to gain greater control of monetary policy and draws on the experiences of countries that have successfully dedollarized. Unlike previous work on the subject, this paper examines both macroeconomic stabilization(More)