François Goy

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Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) offer a powerful tool to both record activity and deliver electrical microstimulations to neural networks either in vitro or in vivo. Microelectronics microfabrication technologies now allow building high-density MEAs containing several hundreds of microelectrodes. However, dense arrays of 3D micro-needle electrodes, providing(More)
Traditional clock synchronisation on a rotating platform is shown to be incompatible with the experimentally established transformation of time. The latter transformation leads directly to solve this problem through noninvariant one-way speed of light. The conventionality of some features of relativity theory allows full compatibility with existing(More)
The derivation of the transformations between inertial frames made by Mansouri and Sexl is generalised to three dimensions for an arbitrary direction of the velocity. Assuming length contraction and time dilation to have their relativistic values, a set of transformations kinematically equivalent to special relativity is obtained. The “clock hypothesis”(More)
The author shows in this article that a coherent description of the Sagnac effect for massive particles, which takes account of length contraction and time dilation can only be obtained with a so called “absolute” clock synchronization parameter. Any other synchronization leads to an incoherent description between the point of view of an observer on the(More)
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