François Garnier

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A field-effect transistor has been fabricated from polymer materials by printing techniques. The device characteristics, which show high current output, are insensitive to mechanical treatments such as bending or twisting. This all-organic flexible device, realized with mild techniques, opens the way for large-area, low-cost plastic electronics.
An innovative soft water level sensor is proposed to characterize the hydrological behaviour of agricultural catchments by measuring rainfall and stream flows. This sensor works as a capacitor coupled with a capacitance to frequency converter and measures water level at an adjustable time step acquisition. It was designed to be handy, minimally invasive and(More)
bias depletes the channel of holes, turning the device off. At low V DS , the TFT shows typical transistor behavior as I D increases linearly with V DS. Current saturation, with only a small ohmic component, is observed at high V DS as the accumulation of holes in the channel is pinched off near the drain electrode. Device operation is adequately modeled by(More)
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