François Garcin

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Higher aircraft energy efficiency may be achieved by minimizing the clearance between the rotating blade tips and respective surrounding casing. A common technical solution consists in the implementation of an abradable liner which improves both the operational safety and the efficiency of modern turbomachines. However, unexpected abradable wear removal(More)
The antimicrobial efficiency of a disinfection box of radiology cassettes, by means of a device which emits ultraviolet rays, was studied according to a method defined by the laboratory. Germ-carriers contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans were irradiated and compared to non irradiated reference ones. The(More)
Disinfecting cloths were commercialized for several years. The solutions of disinfectant used are generally active in vitro in the conditions required by the french standards published by AFNOR, but it is also necessary to know the effectiveness of disinfecting cloths in conditions of use. We describe in this paper a method for this determination. Four(More)
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