François Gabrielli

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During maximal contractions, the sum of forces exerted by homonymous muscles unilaterally is typically higher than the sum of forces exerted by the same muscles bilaterally. However, the underlying mechanism(s) of this phenomenon, which is known as the bilateral strength deficit, remain equivocal. One potential factor that has received minimal attention is(More)
Pursuant to Article 1 of the Convention signed in Paris on 14th December 1960, and which came into force on 30th September 1961, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed: − to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and a rising standard of living in Member countries, while(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate knowledge of knee joint kinematics, especially patellofemoral joint kinematics,is essential for prosthetic evaluation so as to further improve total knee arthroplasty performances. Improving the evaluation of the functioning of the extensor apparatus appears,in this respect, particularly important in this optimization effort. (More)
Using a translational assay and new analytical procedures we have found that: -Histone mRNA can be detected both associated with polyribosomes and in the postribosomal supernatant of S phase HeLa S3 cells.-Inhibition of DNA replication by cytosine arabinoside treatment causes histone mRNA to completely disappear from polyribosomes, and little histone mRNA(More)
In order to evaluate the extent and quality of consultation-liaison (C-L) activity in Italy, a multicenter investigation was conducted in 17 general hospitals. All of the hospitalized patients referred to C-L psychiatry during a 1-year period were assessed by means of a specific instrument (Patient Registration Form, PRF-SF). Of 518,212 patients, 4182 were(More)
The aim of this study is to gain insight into the individual experiences of patients who attempt suicide in order to better understand the reasons for and emotions behind a suicide attempt, thus also gaining insight, through the patients' own input, into the risk and protective factors which might influence possible repeat attempts and the attitude towards(More)
Previous fMRI studies have shown that the visual perception of manipulable objects spontaneously involves the sensorimotor system, especially when the objects are located in peripersonal space. However, it has also been suggested that the motor coding of manipulable objects perceived in peripersonal space depends on an anticipation to interact with them.(More)
This paper describes an experimental study focusing onto the way drivers use the steering wheel while performing a 2D tracking task. The stimulus during this task was a steering wheel angle signal recorded in real situations involving turns and straight lines performed at about 30 km/h. The hand positions of 20 volunteers were recorded in 6 steering(More)
This study investigates whether both the perception of somesthetic sensations arising spontaneously on the hand and their modulation by attention are subject to change with advancing age and sex. Participants aged between 50 and 68 (N = 24), and younger (19-27; N = 24), with an equal sex ratio in each group, described the spontaneous sensations they felt on(More)
OBJECTIVE Normative data on gait is essential for clinical practice - especially in children whose gait pattern changes over time. Sets of normative gait data in healthy children vary significantly from one country to another. We decided to generate a specific reference database of gait parameters for French children. METHOD Three hundred and eighty-two(More)