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This paper presents the concepts for a new family of holonomic wheeled platforms that feature full omnidirec-tionality with simultaneous and independently controlled rota-tional and translational motion capabilities. We first present the " orthogonal-wheels " concept and the two major wheel assemblies on which these platforms are based. We then describe how(More)
The decrease in manpower and increase in material handling needs on many naval vessels provides the motivation to explore the modeling and control of naval robotic and robotic assistive devices. This paper presents a simple methodology to symbolically compute the dynamic equations of motion of a serial link manipulation system operating on the moving deck(More)
Research focused on the development and experimental validation of intelligent control techniques for autonomous mobile robots able to plan and perform a variety of assigned tasks in unstructured environments is presented. In particular, an autonomous mobile robot, HERMIES-IIB intelligence experiment series, is described. It is a self-powered, wheel-driven(More)